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Sarah Mitchell

Sarah_closeupSarah has been serving with Intercultural Friends and Penn Graduate Christian Fellowship (both sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) for 28 years. Sarah holds a M.Ed.  She teaches a variety of non-credit free conversational English classes on the U. of Penn campus.  She also leads discussions about the Bible, artwork inspired by the Bible, etc. international students or scholars from any cultural or faith background with an inquisitive mind.  She organizes day trips, holiday celebrations in American homes, and other typical American culture experiences for international students, scholars and their families. She shares her home with several international students every year along with her very friendly dog and cat.

Dave and Katie Brindley


We know that living abroad can be a fun and challenging adventure. While studying for two years in China, Dave loved riding his bike in the dangerous downtown traffic and exploring new areas with his family. Katie enjoyed experiencing a new culture through the eyes of our daughter Lilia. We now have Alex and live in West Philadelphia working with Philly Bridges.

Tim and Lyn Newbrander


Since we’ve been married, we have lived longer in other countries than in the USA:  Lyn taught English in Japan for two years, and then we raised our family in The Netherlands and Germany for 22 years.  We hope you will come hang out with us at the House for All Nations in West Philly because we love other cultures. Tim especially likes playing or watching any kind of sport, drinking Coca Cola, and eating ice cream. Lyn is a people person, always ready for a chat.  We also have international students who live with us and share our lives.  Find us easily–The House for All Nations has the flags of the guys who live there!  We work with International Students, Inc.

BJ and Robyn Flenner


BJ and Robyn, part of Philly Bridges, loved living overseas in China for 2 1/2 years as a family. BJ enjoyed taking language classes, cooking classes and experiencing Asian culture. Robyn enjoyed learning the vast subway system, learning Chinese, and experiencing many great parks and holidays in the Chinese culture, as well as making Chinese friends.  We went to China with 2 children, and had our 3rd child, while living overseas.  It was quite the adventure, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Roger Converse

joy and roger on mt

I am very happily married to my wife, Joy. We own a large home (that I have been repairing over the years) in Philly and have internationals live with us. After completing my thesis on international student ministry with the Reformed Episcopal Seminary, I started the ministry in 1994 at Christ Memorial Church and later with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in 1998. I love getting to connect with international students at Penn through InterVarsity and help give leadership to the Penn Grad Christian fellowship that is over half international.


The Lackeys

ANDunnamed.jpgREW, HEATHER, SIMEON and MICAH are world travelers who have settled in the Philly area. They love to play games, eat good food and make new friends. Andrew is involved in ESL, and Heather loves to have people in her home!  Ask Sim and Micah to play a game with you!