​International Student Dinner Club

Get to know some Americans by enjoying a meal together! Groups of 2 or 3 students will meet for a meal with American volunteers two times during March and April. The Dinner Club will begin with a free meal for all participants on February 22nd, and conclude with a celebration party at the end of April.

What: Meet for dinner with American volunteers 2 times during March and April. You may sign up with a friend if you want to; otherwise you will be paired up with one or two other students.

When: Kickoff meal will be on February 22nd at 5:30 pm; dates and times of your dinner meetings will be decided by each group of students and dinner hosts

Where: Kickoff meal will take place at Renewal Church, 4633 Cedar Ave. Philadelphia, PA

Cost: Free! But your must register in advance. Registration is now closed.

Questions: Contact Tom Nygren at  tinygren@gmail.com

Registration Closed